Recent Publications in Scottish Lexicography
Scotland in Definition: A History of Scottish Dictionaries, ed. by I. Macleod and J.D. McClure (Edinburgh: John Donald, 2012)

This book gives an account of Scots and Gaelic dictionaries and glossaries, and also of the contribution by many Scots to the lexicography of English, from medieval times to the major electronic projects of the twenty-first century. It will appeal to everyone with an interest in language in general and Scotland’s languages in particular. Readers will be fascinated by the ways in which poets and scholars through the ages have approached the task of describing their languages, and the influence of their work on popular notions regarding language, notably the contribution which lexicographers have made, and still make, to preserving and developing the Scots and Gaelic tongues through centuries of official neglect and oppression.


A Scots-Polish Lexicon: Leksykon Szkocko-Polski, by Kasia Michalska
(Glasgow: Steve Savage Publishers, 2014)Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 23.07.52

This book offers a wide selection of Scots words for members of the Polish community. It includes Scots words and their Polish equivalents, as well as short articles about aspects of Scotland, and some traditional Scottish recipes.