Recent Publications in Scottish Lexicography

 The Whole World in a Book: Dictionaries in the Nineteenth Century, ed. by S. Ogilvie & G. Safran (OUP, 2020). In this volume, eighteen international scholars discuss important developments in lexicography in the 19th century and their relevance to dictionaries today. It includes a chapter on Jamieson’s Dictionary of Scots which places his work in an international context and discusses his innovations and influence on lexicography.

A Scots Dictionary of Nature, by Amanda Thomson (Saraband Books, 2018). This braw new book from Saraband gathers together many wonderful Scots nature words from Jamieson and other historical Scots dictionaries – all with gorgeous illustrations by artist, Amanda Thomson. More information on the publisher’s website here.

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A Scots-Polish Lexicon: Leksykon Szkocko-Polski, by Kasia Michalska (Steve Savage, 2014). This book offers a wide selection of Scots words for members of the Polish community. It includes Scots words and their Polish equivalents, as well as short articles about aspects of Scotland, and some traditional Scottish recipes.

The Concise Scots Dictionary, Second Edition (EUP, 2017). An updated edition of Mairi Robinson’s landmark Concise Scots Dictionary, which became a bestseller on its first publication in 1985. This new edition, revised by Scottish Language Dictionaries, incorporates material from the later volumes of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue that were unavailable when CSD was first compiled.


Scotland in Definition: A History of Scottish Dictionaries, ed. by I. Macleod & J.D. McClure (John Donald, 2012). The most comprehensive account of Scottish lexicography to date. The book covers Scots and Gaelic dictionaries & glossaries, and also the Scottish contribution to English lexicography, from medieval times to the 21st century. The authors include both academics and professional lexicographers.

Recent Research Papers

Lemeshchenko-Lagoda, V. V. (2021). Diachronic and Synchronic Analysis of Lexicographic Processes of Minority Languages in Scotland: a Contrastive Approach. Scientific Journal of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 9. Current Trends in Language Development, 21. 76–89.